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Vibez Danceworks is the creation of professional dance instructor Claire Williamson. At 16 years old Claire moved to London after deciding she wanted to further her dance education and gained a place at Italia Conti, London studying all aspects of dance, singing and drama at an advanced level. It was here that Claire found her passion for street and urban dance styles. After successfully finishing the course she decided that although she loved performing, being so young in London away from friends and family, that she would like to begin her dance teacher training back in Nottingham.

So she gained a qualification in Exercise to Music and started a very popular Adult Street dance class whilst working as a nail technician! She then quickly went on to achieve an IDTA Associate in Freestyle dance and Modern Jazz and started children street dance classes in local schools, church halls, nurseries and leisure centres. Claire also worked for 2 years teaching street dance in a secure unit. Classes continued to grow and Claire opened the doors to the first Vibez studio in 2008 where she then began to teach a full programme of lessons in all areas of dance. 

By 2009 classes were full and a bigger studio was needed. Vibez moved to a new studio which she still currently teaches in today. Claire continues to work hard to educate herself further by taking classes at Pineapple in lots of dance styles including House, Waacking and Locking as well as taking a UDO teachers training course. Claire trains 5 street dance teams which compete around the country and have achieved world championships finalist titles. Claire loves to teach all the different dance styles and provide a fun environment for children to learn.

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